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    Yanjiao production base

    Address:Yanjiao economic and Technological Development Zone East Ring Road Bridge Company

    Guangdong Branch

    Address: No. 9 Tianhe District Yao Lin and west of Guangzhou City Plaza B block, room 808 (510610)

    Tel: 020-38011430

    Fax: 020-38011431

    Technical support phone: 020-38011439

    Shandong branch

    Address: Shandong province Qingdao city Hongkong Road, No. 18 A Futai Plaza Room 306 (266071)

    Tel: 0532-82689263

    Fax: 0532-82689273

    Northeast Office

    Address: Harbin Daoli District, well Street No. 48 report center room 6188

    Tel: 0451-87821139

    Fax: 0451-87821139

    Shanghai Office

    Address: Songjiang Emerging Industrial Park, Caohejing, Yanzhan Road, No. 455, Block B, 4th Floor, Room 406.

    Tel: 021-67678097 / 67678079

    Chengdu Office

    Address: 1408, Block C, Oriental Hope Tianxiang Plaza, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

    Tel: 028-63914130

    Drug Test Division

    Tel: 010-51203999-8053

    Fax: 010-51349510

    EM Bio

    Tel.: 0523-86200177

    Fax: 0523-86200177

    Factory Address: G26, Phase III, China Medical City, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province

    Remittance information

    Name: Beijing Land Bridge technology Limited by Share Ltd
    Number of a bank account:0200003809067047553
    Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of Chaoyang District Beijing branch of the village in eight
    Line number:102100000388
    Tax Number:911101086337101330