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        In 2011, Jiangsu EM Biotechnology Co., Ltd. cooperated with a well-known Swiss pharmaceutical company to build a culture medium production plant in accordance with China's 2010 version of GMP and EU EMEA standards. The plant passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO13485 medical device quality system certification, and high-tech Enterprise certification and EU CE certification.

In 2016, EM Bio, combined with Beijing Land Bridge to form a strategic alliance.


        Since its establishment, 'EM' has focused on the R&D and production of high-quality ready-to-use microbial test media and related supporting products; 'LandBridge', as a domestic enterprise engaged in the development and production of microbial media products, has a solid technological accumulation. The pursuit of 'quality first, service first' and the same philosophy urged both parties to come together, and 'EM' PLUS 'Land Bridge' formed a synergistic effect.


        At present, EM Bio has established a complete MoniAsepTM series of clean room detection plate media, Med-QuidTM series of liquid media, MIcrostTM series of sterile & microbial limit detection media, Med-PowdTM series of dry powder media, etc. in line with the 2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia Standard series of culture media product lines.


        The culture medium products meet the requirements of ISO/CP/USP/JP and other authoritative organizations on microbiological inspection standards, and are widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical, food, cosmetics, dairy products, beer and beverages, water treatment, and various levels of drug inspection systems. Detection. At the same time, it provides supporting products and advanced microbiological testing and testing solutions to protect your safe production.